Enjoy The Atmosphere of The Windmills in Celosia Park

10 Januari 2019

VOSMedia, MUSI RAWAS – Want the atmosphere of the windmill country not to go far to the Netherlands. In Musi Rawas District, South Sumatra has tourist destinations such as the windmill country with the name of the Celosia flower garden.

This park is designed like a flower garden in the Land of Windmills, the Netherlands which is one of the attractions of tourists both locally, regionally and nationally.

The location of this park is in J Ngadirejo Village, Tugumulyo District, Merasi Region, Musi Rawas. Around this area is also an interesting Lake Aur to enjoy the natural atmosphere of rice fields. 

Musi Rawas (Mura) Regent H Hendra Gunawan, said he was proud of the creativity and Innovation created by the community such as land use to be used as Celosia gardens and Sunflowers which became one of the attractions of tourists to visit Musi Rawas.

“The emergence of this flower garden, proves that people in Mura Regency are able to innovate and think more advanced by reading opportunities and potential,” he said.

Rice fields which were originally only planted with rice, are now a flower garden like a flower garden in the Netherlands.

In addition to enjoying the beautiful expanse of the celosia flower garden, the Regent also took time to take photos at the photo spots provided by the owner of the flower garden.

There are various interesting spots such as flying bird repellent aircraft, assemblies by Sumberharta residents who have succeeded in tracing National Appropriate Technology.

The flight of this bird repellent plane was of concern to the visitors present. So as to make the atmosphere in the Celosia Flower Park like an Aeromodelling race. (*)

Penerjemah : IKA